Kisah Aku dan Brothers...


Oh My brother..
Come closer to me, don’t leave me, my brother 
Oh you who are a part my spirit with, my brother 
Oh my light of my heart, my guide, my brother 

Oh My brother… 
The world around me, is in darkness and in corruption 
So put light in my path and exchange my darkness 
With your light, ah your light… 
A dawn rising from the vision of a path that leads to Al-Jannah 

Oh My brother… 
You are a blessing of Allah, the best brother 
I have nothing bad in my heart against you 
In all times, I see you with me 
Present you are in all times with me in my sadness and happiness 

Oh My brother… 
All those around me are like a mirage, 
A mirage that deceives… 
That claims it loves me, and is true kindness 
If my life becomes pure, then, ah then most of them… 
Such a surprise (Ajaban), where are they in my times of hardship? 

Oh my brother… 
You have wala (love) without bara’ (hate)
You are so loyal to me in friendship 
You don’t treat me with kindness only for a want to fulfill 
Mercy fillah, what a blessing of a mercy

Oh my brother… 
With your face that lights, you treat me with kindness 
With all the meaning of the highness and elevation 
Reach out to me your right hand 
So we could go together in the path of light 
In the path of Iza (honor, dignity, and pride of Islam) 

Oh my brother… 
If in my life, a misery afflicts me 
You were there to help me get over my misery 
Tired, Weakened I was the day you came to me 
You cared for me, saw my weakness and gave me strength

-Ya akhi:Ahmed Bukhater- 

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